Specialised Disease Monitoring Clinics

These are run by two practice nurses who have undergone specialised training. They work in conjunction with all doctors within the practice.

  • Diabetes - Patients with diabetes are invited to attend for regular discussion and monitoring of their condition. Usually twice a year.
  • Asthma - Patients with asthma are encouraged to attend for regular checks on treatment and symptoms, and advice on how to manage their asthma.
  • Coronary Heart and Vascular (Stroke) Disease - Patients are invited for review at least annually.
  • Blood Pressure Checks - are run by Practice Nurses for those on treatment we would advise checks twice yearly. Reminders are usually sent.

Minor Surgery

Some minor surgical procedures are carried out in the treatment room. Your doctor will advise you if you have a problem which can be dealt with there.

Child Health Surveillance

Children from birth to five years are assessed at intervals to check their growth and development. Checks are carried out by the health visitor and by Dr Collier. Later checks are organised by the health visitor.


Our practice nurses are available by appointment to offer medical advice regarding travel and vaccinations where appropriate. Please plan ahead - do not leave your vaccinations until the last minute! For some of the more exotic destinations we require eight weeks in order for the vaccines to become fully effective. If you give details of your proposed itinerary to the receptionist, a personalised vaccination schedule can be worked out for you. For travel to areas where malaria is endemic, it is recommended that patients take prophylactic medication (our treatment room staff or your pharmacist can advise on what protection is required). Some anti-malarial medication is only available on private prescription.

Cervical Smear Tests

Routine cervical smears are advised for women aged 25-64 years at three or five yearly intervals, according to age. When making an appointment it is very important that you inform the receptionist you are booking in for a smear so that the correct type of appointment is made. Either a doctor or nurse can perform this test.

Family Planning

A range of contraceptive services is available through routine surgery bookings. Emergency contraception (the 'morning after' pill) can be provided, usually through our urgent appointment arrangements.

Hormone implants and intra-uterine devices (coils) are currently only fitted at family planning clinics.

Additional Services

Physiotherapy (both NHS and private) is available in the Loft Suite. NHS appointments can be made only after consultation with your doctor. Private physiotherapy is provided by the Christchurch Physiotherapy Practice.

Telephone: 01202 477335.

Chiropody treatment is available on the NHS and is available for patients over 70 and for patients with certain conditions eg diabetics.

Counselling And Psychological Therapies>
These therapies can provide help for a range of personal or family problems. A Self Referral can be made to the Psychological Service by telephoning 01202 843400.


Flu Vaccinations
We encourage all patients over 65 years and those with certain chronic illnesses to have a pneumococcal immunisation and attend for an annual flu vaccination. It is advised that all patients protect themselves against tetanus and polio.

Baby Immunisations
The baby immunisation clinic is held on Wednesday morning between 11.00am - 12.30pm. We advise that all children should be fully immunised against the common childhood illnesses, starting at two months of age.

Smoking Cessation

Advice on ways to help you quit smoking is available from the following chemists:

Boots Pharmacy Tel: 01202 486276
Rowland's Carpins Tel: 01202 484189
Rowland's Meadow Tel: 01202 484840
Grove Pharmacy Tel: 01202 484310
Wessex Pharmacy Tel: 01202 482197
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